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Ebiamo Technology (EB Technology) is a business consortium combining with Chinese experience ancient civilization in  Nano Technology, Herbal medicine and Information and Communication Technology)(ICT) Business, Manufacturing and Personal Development. The company is managed by professional and dedicated team to provide you the best profit sharing Income.

We invest your money in very famous areas of business that has more than 50 years history of Herbal medicine, Nano Technology and ICT. Our partners such as Kedi Healthcare, Target Hubinc, Hestia International has brought morden healthcare concept and unique Tranditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)  and Nano Technology to Ghana and Africa.
With R&D(Reserch and Development) Centre and Production Base in China, and our partnership with African medicine factory, we produce high quality products to Ghana and African.

Ebiamo Technology has a super distribution system to give equal opportunity to everyone to excel.
The Pendant and the other Products are to reverse or neutralize the electromagnetic and radioactive discharges that are harmful to our health as well as the chemicals in  our drinking water  and food.

With the joint efforts of our Distributors we have achieved great success and proud to bring health and prosperity to Ghana and Africans. Partner with us now to share in Ebiamo Technology and to enjoy a magnificent future.

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